House? True love?

I intend to marry my girlfriend next year, but the house problem is a big problem, really worry ah! There are many people see house. The good house is sold out when I consider it well and has the feeling of second-hand housing prices to rise. I read the news it seems that prices have been down ah. I do not know is timely shots hunters? Or wait a while and then, afraid of the price bounced I can not afford to time want to get married. Because I am afraid that my mother in law won’t agree if without house! – Samrover Do you have house problem when you get married? Now the house problem is the most important problem for the new couple. There is no house who did not dare to mention marriage. Beijing’s qian Liu, and Xiaoyu Jia "No house to live What is marriage?" Graduated from college two years to face a prerequisite of marriage is fairly consistent, although the two people fell in love for five years, the feeling is quite good, marriage is imperative , but no house who do not first the courage to propose marriage. There is only one suite for every family of qian Liu and Xiaoyu , the two married had to find out from the home, if rent, they are both not willing to. The rent is one hand, the most important thing is the concept of marriage has room enjoys popular support. Liu Cc do not want to marry because no room to get married and let the parents subjected to neighbors or relatives ridiculed Jia Xiaoyu think he should offer a guarantee to beloved girlfriend at first. Belong to working-class family that both family have gradually blurred the concept of marriage, not to form a beautiful family, but to be marked with their own mark in the concrete jungle. So do you agree with them, maybe we don’t have money to buy house, to buy sacs hermes kelly or hermes shoulder birkin from hermes bags discount. But we have true love.

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