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April-May 2011, Greenpeace, purchased 78 samples of 15 clothing brand in China, Britain, Argentina and 18 countries around the world, including sportswear, casual clothing and footwear for testing. On the morning of August 23, 2011, the organization released the survey results: survey of 78 samples, 52 samples, residues of toxic and hazardous substances, including Adidas, Li Ning, and other internationally renowned brand clothing and shoes . So far the widest range of investigation. Toxic harmful residues of the clothing would endanger people's health, in April and May of this year, Greenpeace purchased in 18 countries around the world in China, Britain, Argentina 15 and 78 samples of the clothing brand, including sports clothing, leisure clothing and footwear. The origin of these samples involved in the textile-producing countries, such as China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and so on. Greenpeace sent these samples to a qualified third party laboratory for testing and found 14 brands has problems in 15 apparel brands, and sampling of 78 samples, 52 samples contained residues of toxic and hazardous substances. The survey sample procurement is from 18 countries, and the samples are produced by 13 countries, so the survey is considered to be te widest range of the same category in the survey so far carried out the major clothing brands. This survey brand includes not only adult clothing but children's clothing. Now with the economic development, there are more and more environment problem, so when we buy other products, we also pay attention to this, such when you buy your favorite hermes picotin or, hermes kelly bag from hermes shop online.

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