Teeth whitening tips

Teeth yellow, laughing up a bit lack of confidence, hesitating is the laugh or smile toothy, others have been laughing over! Do not let the thought you were unresponsive, you want to laugh, Learn these tips, the teeth will be more white Oh! Teeth whitening tips: Eat celery crude fiber foods. Leeks, celery, crude fiber foods can whiten teeth, the reason is simple: we chew the food of the crude fiber, crude fiber friction with the teeth, and then be able to clean up the teeth on the residual food and bacteria breed in the tooth surface. Prevention of tooth decay. Teeth whitening tips: Eat more foods rich in vitamins. Eat vitamin-rich foods, like tomatoes, spinach and so can whiten teeth. Protection of gingival health is one of the main nutrients vitamin C, if the body is the lack of too much vitamin C, it is likely to cause a variety of gum problems, such as loose teeth, gum congestion. Teeth whitening tips: eat more calcium-rich foods. It is also common sense will know the tooth whitening. Ultimately, calcium, dental health, the health of teeth whitening is very effective to use calcium-rich foods in their daily life. Dairy products, soy products are calcium-rich foods, such as milk, cheese and so on. The cheese is not only a good source of calcium and pH in the mouth by calcium and phosphate in cheese can be balanced, thereby reducing the oral bacterial activity in breeding to prevent tooth decay, can also increase calcium, so teeth are more robust. Teeth whitening tips: Proper drinking green tea. Green tea contains fluoride, whitening and sturdy teeth of material required and ultimately, fluorine, a lot of toothpaste also contains this substance. Fluoride and tooth apatite in combination, and then play the role of acid-fast decay. And green tea in addition to the rich in fluorine, can also achieve the effect of fresh breath. Teeth Whitening Tips 5: Multi-eat food such as onion and garlic ginger. Many people might think that the tips of the teeth whitening really embarrassing, in eat Cong Jiangsuan when the taste will make people feel unpleasant, but these foods contain a rich and potent bactericidal substances, edible help teeth whitening . Such as eating raw onions or garlic, can effectively wipe out S. mutans, the murderer It is this bacteria cause tooth decay. In addition, mustard and other foods also have the role of sterilization dental care. If just we follow these steps, Your will have a beautiful teeth, believe you will be more confident when you go shopping, come to hermes outlet to get your favorite hermes birkin. or hermes bag kelly.  

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House? True love?

I intend to marry my girlfriend next year, but the house problem is a big problem, really worry ah! There are many people see house. The good house is sold out when I consider it well and has the feeling of second-hand housing prices to rise. I read the news it seems that prices have been down ah. I do not know is timely shots hunters? Or wait a while and then, afraid of the price bounced I can not afford to time want to get married. Because I am afraid that my mother in law won’t agree if without house! – Samrover Do you have house problem when you get married? Now the house problem is the most important problem for the new couple. There is no house who did not dare to mention marriage. Beijing’s qian Liu, and Xiaoyu Jia "No house to live What is marriage?" Graduated from college two years to face a prerequisite of marriage is fairly consistent, although the two people fell in love for five years, the feeling is quite good, marriage is imperative , but no house who do not first the courage to propose marriage. There is only one suite for every family of qian Liu and Xiaoyu , the two married had to find out from the home, if rent, they are both not willing to. The rent is one hand, the most important thing is the concept of marriage has room enjoys popular support. Liu Cc do not want to marry because no room to get married and let the parents subjected to neighbors or relatives ridiculed Jia Xiaoyu think he should offer a guarantee to beloved girlfriend at first. Belong to working-class family that both family have gradually blurred the concept of marriage, not to form a beautiful family, but to be marked with their own mark in the concrete jungle. So do you agree with them, maybe we don’t have money to buy house, to buy sacs hermes kelly or hermes shoulder birkin from hermes bags discount. But we have true love.

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Do you know?

April-May 2011, Greenpeace, purchased 78 samples of 15 clothing brand in China, Britain, Argentina and 18 countries around the world, including sportswear, casual clothing and footwear for testing. On the morning of August 23, 2011, the organization released the survey results: survey of 78 samples, 52 samples, residues of toxic and hazardous substances, including Adidas, Li Ning, and other internationally renowned brand clothing and shoes . So far the widest range of investigation. Toxic harmful residues of the clothing would endanger people's health, in April and May of this year, Greenpeace purchased in 18 countries around the world in China, Britain, Argentina 15 and 78 samples of the clothing brand, including sports clothing, leisure clothing and footwear. The origin of these samples involved in the textile-producing countries, such as China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and so on. Greenpeace sent these samples to a qualified third party laboratory for testing and found 14 brands has problems in 15 apparel brands, and sampling of 78 samples, 52 samples contained residues of toxic and hazardous substances. The survey sample procurement is from 18 countries, and the samples are produced by 13 countries, so the survey is considered to be te widest range of the same category in the survey so far carried out the major clothing brands. This survey brand includes not only adult clothing but children's clothing. Now with the economic development, there are more and more environment problem, so when we buy other products, we also pay attention to this, such when you buy your favorite hermes picotin or, hermes kelly bag from hermes shop online.

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